Our lives are packed.
With travel, family, health, digital input, digital output, adventure, school, love, joy and everything in between.

So, if you’re like us, you don’t have the time or desire for a complicated skincare routine, you’ve got enough to worry about.


Meet the only 1-step routine you need to give your skin everything it needs to thrive at its healthiest and deliver that head turning wow. Our ultra-condensed, hyper-tasking hero formulas obsessively streamline your skincare life, taking out the time, guesswork and confusion for max results with near-zero effort.


We pack them in at efficacious levels: over 40% of every formula. We want to break the mold by spending less money on marketing and more money on your results.

Every ingredient is clean to the highest published standards and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free.

Leaping Bunny Seal


SKIN AT WORK packaging is color coded to help you remember which time of the day to use each product. We recommend THE PROTAGONIST, the golden amber hue of a sunrise, in the morning to face the day with main character energy and give your skin its healthiest head turning glow. In the evening, reach for THE TIME KEEPER, the midnight color of a starry sky, to correct, rebuild, repair and prepare for the day to come.


On average, 80% of most serums and skincare formulas consist of water

More water means fewer actives in every formula. ICYMI, shipping water throughout the supply chain leaves a big carbon footprint. SKIN AT WORK formulas contain 30% less water on average.

Do you know how many times the industry ships extra water around before it reaches your door?
Trust us, it's a lot.

Size matters

Less water, less packaging, less footprint, more WOW. Our small but mighty hyper-dense formulas allow us to use much smaller packaging so our full size is the travel size, by design.


Water is precious

And getting scarcer and scarcer all the time. Here at SKIN AT WORK, the water we save is the water you give. Together, we donate to water charities to provide one potable water well to communities in need for every 25 products we sell. Now that feels (and tastes) good, doesn't it?

From Thomas


Thomas Smith's Image

I’ve been in skincare for 30 amazing years working for some of the most exciting brands and retailers in beauty: on the sales floor, in the spa, as a buyer, developer, marketer, entrepreneur and lover of all things skin. I spent a decade in NYC at Saks and Sephora, a decade in Colorado creating formulas for dry, sensitive skin at my own stores called MELT and a decade in LA marketing or developing products for Murad, Meaningful Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills, to name a few. My mom loves to tell people that I started as a cosmetics stock boy in Saks Denver, I prefer to say that I didn’t choose skincare, it chose me.

Over the years, I have watched as skincare has gotten increasingly complicated. So many steps, so many new products and so much time, money, brain space and energy spent trying to decode it all. Trust me, the amount of choice overwhelms me, too! Whenever I visit family or friends, they always ask for my advice on what to buy, when to use, how to use and in what combinations and it got me to thinking… how could I create the simplest, and I mean THE SIMPLEST, most efficacious skincare system possible for my mom, my sister, all of my peeps (including myself!) for skin of all ages, stages and concerns?

That’s how SKIN AT WORK was born.

SKIN AT WORK is an obsessively streamlined, ultra concentrated, ALL-IN-ONE-STEP skincare system of clinically tested, gently powerful, hyper-tasking hero formulas that give your skin everything it needs (over 14 ingredients at efficacious levels) to thrive at its healthiest, deliver head-turning wow and the freedom to spend less time doing steps in the mirror and more time squeezing the juice out of life.